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Friday, November 6, 2015

I am special because...

I am special because…:

                                        WOW!!! What a topic??? I really admire the person who comes with mindblowing prompt everyweek. This topic will make each one who writes to know their interesting qualities which they have not realized till now.  It will be a self realization or self analysis to know about us.

                                         Ok!!! I am special because I have taken a birth as an human being with good health. In tamil, there

Is a quote,

”Aridhu Aridhu manidarai pirathal aridhu

adhaninum aridhu goon kurudu sevidu pedu neengi pirathal aridhu”

It means, “ It is very rare to be born as an human being and in that birth it also rare that we are healthy with no blindness and hearing impaired. So, according to the saying are we all not special??

Then, I am special to my parents who gave me birth as the eldest of the family and provided me with good food, good education (using which only I am writing this article) and good clothes to wear. Everything they chose till the selection of my hubby was specially done. Now, it’s my turn to take care of them and try my best to make them feel that they are very special to me more than what they made me to feel.

I am a special sister to my younger brother because; I am his best friend till today. In our younger days, I would always share with him the day-to-day happenings and he would do the same. All his friends were my friends and my friends were his friends. Even today, wherever we meet them, we would share our joy with them irrespective of his or my friend.  Now, as we have become full adult with family, we share our joys whenever possible.

Then, my hubby makes me special by allowing me to do whatever I like without any hinderance. He feels a wife should be independent in all aspects and wherever love and care is needed, he will be at my side. That also makes me feel special.

My policy in life is “Take Life as it comes” and “No Expectations and No Regrets”. This policy had made me special among my friends and acquaintances. Wherever I go I don’t expect red carpet instead I myself would mingle with the people around. I always love to be happy and make others happy. People who sees me first would say that “I have a beautiful smiling face”. I will not get angry unless otherwise there’s something serious happened and hurt me to the core.  My anger will be spur of the moment and I will myself come out of it and continue talking to the person whom I showed the anger.(of course, after conveying why I showed anger or what mistake they did).

To me I am special because, I have positive thinking (which is developed by both of our parents) during tough times. This would allow me to develop positive thoughts in my near and dear ones. My smallest suggestion is, if we are special to us then whatever we talk and do will also be special and that will make others to treat us as special. So, think special, talk special and be special to everybody around you.

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  1. Thank you for those wonderful words, you made our day! We're glad you like our prompts. We'd love to see more of you at BlogAdda. Happy Blogging!

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comments. You made my day!!!

  2. A bit of Me through your post... Lovely written

    1. Thank you dipannita!! It's an encouragement for me.



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