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Monday, December 21, 2015

Sexual Violence: Know your rights and how to stop it!!!

 "I Believe the rights of Women and Girls Is the Unfinished Business of the 21st Century" - Hillary Clinton

Know your rights and how to stop sexual violence is the topic in need of the hour when the juvenile rapist in the case of nirbhaya had been released. The unchanged law had helped the juvenile rapist to escape from the hands of law eventhough he had done the most cruel thing in the world. Our country actually considers womenfolk as “Goddess” as in a statue. But, protecting the womenfolk is not given in the law. Our society wants women to be silent for whatever wrong done by the men for the following reasons:
1.       If a girl or woman speaks about her assault the whole family will be affected: Yes!!! When a girl/woman is sexually assaulted, the family would tell her to be quiet since her sibblings would be affected and will not get due respect in the society. This practice should be stopped and the family should render their support to fight against the injustice. On the other hand, if the woman is not supported by her family she should come out and fight for her rights and who knows someday the same family would feel proud of her.
2.       If a girl or woman speaks about her assault she will be treated as untouchable and no one will consider her for marriage: Alas!!! A woman in India is considered to be a good match for wedding only when she is virgin and so if the sexual assault is brought out she will be considered unfit for wedding. (She is punished for the mistake committed by the menfolk). So, woman should understand that marriage is not primary in our life and should talk about her accident so that she could help others who might be the next target.
3.       If a girl or woman speaks about her assault, our laws will not help her: For example, in Nirbhaya’s case, eventhough she came out along with her family’s support, the law did not help her. So, our law should be amended as and when needed to help the womenfolk.
So, womenfolk should come out in public and talk about all the sufferings they are undergoing without fear and punish the deserved ones. In this way, the sexual violence will be reduced to zero level in the near future. As a fellow being of society each and every one of us should encourage them to do so along with the judicial help and moral support.
Before ending the post, I want to close with a foot note by Charles Fourier:
                    “The Extension of Women’s Rights is the Basic Principle of all Social Progress”

“I am writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”