REMAS CAFE RECIPES : February 2015



Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cabbage Buttermilk

       Yesterday, I was busy cooking breakfast in the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard a compere talking about stomach problems. I made my ears to listen to it with my hands cooking. This is the recipe he rcommended for acid reflux/burning sensation etc.

  •    Cabbage       -    1 cup
  •    Buttermilk     -   1 cup
  •    Cumin seeds -   1 or 2 tsp
  •    Salt                -  a pinch
  • Wash the cabbage well.
  • Add it in a mixie jar along with buttermilk and cumin seeds.
  • Switch on the mixie and run it till the mixture becomes watery.
  • If needed add some buttermilk.
  • Then, add a pinch of salt and run the mixie for 3 seconds.
  • Cabbage buttermilk is ready.
Tips!!! Tips!!!:
                        Eat this daily in the morning as the first meal for 48 days for better results.