Monday, December 21, 2015

Sexual Violence: Know your rights and how to stop it!!!

 "I Believe the rights of Women and Girls Is the Unfinished Business of the 21st Century" - Hillary Clinton

Know your rights and how to stop sexual violence is the topic in need of the hour when the juvenile rapist in the case of nirbhaya had been released. The unchanged law had helped the juvenile rapist to escape from the hands of law eventhough he had done the most cruel thing in the world. Our country actually considers womenfolk as “Goddess” as in a statue. But, protecting the womenfolk is not given in the law. Our society wants women to be silent for whatever wrong done by the men for the following reasons:
1.       If a girl or woman speaks about her assault the whole family will be affected: Yes!!! When a girl/woman is sexually assaulted, the family would tell her to be quiet since her sibblings would be affected and will not get due respect in the society. This practice should be stopped and the family should render their support to fight against the injustice. On the other hand, if the woman is not supported by her family she should come out and fight for her rights and who knows someday the same family would feel proud of her.
2.       If a girl or woman speaks about her assault she will be treated as untouchable and no one will consider her for marriage: Alas!!! A woman in India is considered to be a good match for wedding only when she is virgin and so if the sexual assault is brought out she will be considered unfit for wedding. (She is punished for the mistake committed by the menfolk). So, woman should understand that marriage is not primary in our life and should talk about her accident so that she could help others who might be the next target.
3.       If a girl or woman speaks about her assault, our laws will not help her: For example, in Nirbhaya’s case, eventhough she came out along with her family’s support, the law did not help her. So, our law should be amended as and when needed to help the womenfolk.
So, womenfolk should come out in public and talk about all the sufferings they are undergoing without fear and punish the deserved ones. In this way, the sexual violence will be reduced to zero level in the near future. As a fellow being of society each and every one of us should encourage them to do so along with the judicial help and moral support.
Before ending the post, I want to close with a foot note by Charles Fourier:
                    “The Extension of Women’s Rights is the Basic Principle of all Social Progress”

“I am writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Garama Garam Masala Chai

Hi friends!!!
                  It's raining outside and I thought it would be nice if I post masala chai for all of you to have it. Each and every household has their own preparation style. This is my way of preparing it. Try it and tell me how it is, Please!!!!

  •                   Ginger                      - 1 "
  •                   Cardamom               - 2 or 3
  •                   Tea                           - 2 tsp
  •                   Water                       - 1 cup
  •                   Milk                         - 1 cup
  •                   Sugar                       - as per taste
Preparation :
  •  In a bowl add water and place it on a stove.
  •  Switch on the stove and allow it to boil.
  •  Mash the ginger in a hand mortar and add to the boiling water.
  •  Similarly, add the cardamom after powdering a little.
  •  When the mixture boils for 5 minutes, add the tea and allow it to boil for another 5 minutes or nice aroma is experienced.
  •  Add milk to the boiling water and allow the contents to boil for somemore time.
  •  Add sugar to the cups and keep it ready for tea to be poured.
  •  Remove the tea from stove and with the help of a strainer, add to the cups.
  •  Hot masala chai/tea is ready to serve.
  •  Have 2 or 3 biscuits along with the tea. It will be heavenly.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I wandered lonely as a cloud

This is the beautiful poem of "William Wordsworth" taught by my beautiful English teacher Mrs. Hamasveni (Vana Vani Matriculation School, IIT, Chennai). The poem and its meaning has a lasting effect on me whenever and wherever I come across it:
          I WANDERED lonely as a cloud
          That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
          When all at once I saw a crowd,
          A host, of golden daffodils;
          Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
          Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
          Continuous as the stars that shine
          And twinkle on the milky way,
          They stretched in never-ending line
          Along the margin of a bay:                                 
          Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
          Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.
          The waves beside them danced; but they
          Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
          A poet could not but be gay,
          In such a jocund company:
          I gazed--and gazed--but little thought
          What wealth the show to me had brought:
          For oft, when on my couch I lie
          In vacant or in pensive mood,                              
          They flash upon that inward eye
          Which is the bliss of solitude;
          And then my heart with pleasure fills,
          And dances with the daffodils.

Made of Great

                              When I read this topic for competition, the first person who came into my mind is my Grandma. She’s no more physically but in my thoughts she still lives. She was a very strong lady. She was married to my Grandpa when she was just 13 or 14 years. At that time, it was considered a late marriage for a girl. My Grandpa was working as an employee in Andhra Government. She took charge of her in-laws house kitchen from that day onwards. She was always busy cooking and taking care of other businesses in the family. She didn’t have time to look after her own kids also. But, she didn’t show any regrets. When my grandpa died, grandma was left with 5 kids (4 boys and 1 girl). Only my eldest uncle was in college and my aunt was in her teens. All the other 3 kids were just entering their teens. My grandma’s mother –in-law took the only house built by my grandpa in her possession and sent her away with the kids to Chennai. My grandma came to live in Chennai which was an unknown place for her with her 4 kids (1 daughter and 3 sons) with a meagre pension amount and some jewelry. After coming to Chennai she started helping ladies in their daily chores and brought home food given by them for her help. She was also skilled in treating malaria fever, typhoid and jaundice using herbs. She didn’t take money to treat the diseases since she would say it will not be fruitful if it is sold for money. Many doctors in our area would recommend my grandma’s name to treat the patients.  At one point, she completed her daughter’s wedding with the jewelry she had and sent my father to a residential school (which was provided on scholarship).  Both my uncles got jobs and started earning for the family. When my father completed his S.S.L.C exams, he was sent out of the hostel and as soon as he returned he got a job and started earning.  Even though, they brought home money she didn’t stop her job of helping ladies in the locality or providing medicines. She also helped her neighbours when they were hospitalized and also when they were not well. When her mil was about to die, she reached there and stayed till she breathed her last and made her bil to complete all the last rites for her. After my uncles and my father got married, she started travelling from Chennai to tirupati to stay with them. When she got bored she would visit her brother’s place which was in a village. She didn’t take anyone’s help to travel from one place to another till she reached her 85th year. For sometime, she travelled with us. When she got her legs fractured, she stopped travelling and was staying in my uncle’s house. Till she breathed her last she was doing her daily routine by herself and did not depend on others. She usually would advise us that we should not depend on anybody (especially menfolk) for anything. We should be always be brave self-independent. Even though she was not educated, she was very particular about Grandchildren education.  She was also very happy that we were career oriented women.

     In the fond memory of my loving, caring, bold and independent grandma I am dedicating this article on her as a “Woman Made of Great”.

Friday, November 6, 2015

I am special because...

I am special because…:

                                        WOW!!! What a topic??? I really admire the person who comes with mindblowing prompt everyweek. This topic will make each one who writes to know their interesting qualities which they have not realized till now.  It will be a self realization or self analysis to know about us.

                                         Ok!!! I am special because I have taken a birth as an human being with good health. In tamil, there

Is a quote,

”Aridhu Aridhu manidarai pirathal aridhu

adhaninum aridhu goon kurudu sevidu pedu neengi pirathal aridhu”

It means, “ It is very rare to be born as an human being and in that birth it also rare that we are healthy with no blindness and hearing impaired. So, according to the saying are we all not special??

Then, I am special to my parents who gave me birth as the eldest of the family and provided me with good food, good education (using which only I am writing this article) and good clothes to wear. Everything they chose till the selection of my hubby was specially done. Now, it’s my turn to take care of them and try my best to make them feel that they are very special to me more than what they made me to feel.

I am a special sister to my younger brother because; I am his best friend till today. In our younger days, I would always share with him the day-to-day happenings and he would do the same. All his friends were my friends and my friends were his friends. Even today, wherever we meet them, we would share our joy with them irrespective of his or my friend.  Now, as we have become full adult with family, we share our joys whenever possible.

Then, my hubby makes me special by allowing me to do whatever I like without any hinderance. He feels a wife should be independent in all aspects and wherever love and care is needed, he will be at my side. That also makes me feel special.

My policy in life is “Take Life as it comes” and “No Expectations and No Regrets”. This policy had made me special among my friends and acquaintances. Wherever I go I don’t expect red carpet instead I myself would mingle with the people around. I always love to be happy and make others happy. People who sees me first would say that “I have a beautiful smiling face”. I will not get angry unless otherwise there’s something serious happened and hurt me to the core.  My anger will be spur of the moment and I will myself come out of it and continue talking to the person whom I showed the anger.(of course, after conveying why I showed anger or what mistake they did).

To me I am special because, I have positive thinking (which is developed by both of our parents) during tough times. This would allow me to develop positive thoughts in my near and dear ones. My smallest suggestion is, if we are special to us then whatever we talk and do will also be special and that will make others to treat us as special. So, think special, talk special and be special to everybody around you.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Cause I love the most:

Wild Life Rescue and Rehabilitation Center:

I am a resident of Chennai from my birth and visited Vandaloor Zoo many a times. But, didn’t know that it not only contains different animals, it also contains a Veterinary hospital along with a Rescue center for lions and tigers.  The zoo is the second largest zoo in Tamilnadu after Mudumalai National Park.

In 2011, I got an opportunity to visit it along with my family and friends. I was really stunned to see the animals in the rescue center. It is not open for visitors since the Government wants to maintain it as a solitude place for the animals.



In 2001, with the banning of training and exhibiting 5 varieties of animals like lions, tigers, panthers, bears and monkeys, the Vandaloor Zoo  along with CZA had set up an 228.4 acres of land to provide rescue and rehabilitation center for estranged animals. (Government banned year 1998) The place is situated next to the Zoo.  The center provides care for the estranged wild animals like tigers and lions saved from different circus companies where they had been forced to work for money.  

Now, the rescue center is the home for at least 32 lions and 7 tigers. It can approximately provide homes for 40 lions and 20 tigers (came to know from the staff there). Vandaloor Zoo is one of the five zoos in the country recognized and funded by the CZA for the estranged circus animals to rehabilitate.  

We got special permission and went into it around 3 p.m. It was the lunch time for the animals. As soon as they heard the food vehicles, the animals started making huge noises from their dens. We were also able to see one or two animals having their afternoon stroll outside their rooms behind safety fence. It was really a beautiful sight to see the caged lions and tigers enjoying their freedom in the rehabilitation center.

The zoo workers opened the gates and threw their foods (meat) and they ate to their full. It was really an unexpected experience. Then, we went to the office to enquire about the Medical Center.

The zoo medical centre takes the responsibility of preventing diseases and general health of the animals inside the Zoo. One of the officials told us that no one is allowed there since the previous day only a tiger had given birth to a cub there and it should not be contracted with any infection. He also told us that as soon as the media was informed about the new arrival, they had flocked in large numbers and took photos which had affected the cub very badly. So, we didn’t get the chance to visit the place. He also told us that the medical care has an exclusive operation theatre along with in-patient ward, modern diagnostic laboratory, clinical and pathological room, quarantine facilities, radiology department fully working to cater the needs of the animals in the zoo.

Even after so many years of visiting it, the day of visit is still green in my thoughts and whenever I feel like seeing it, I would see the photos taken there. It was really a memorable trip and the most loving place to ponder upon.

I am a Millionaire!!!!!

 "If I had a million dollars"

What an awesome topic  but a repeated thought of a middle class like me. Whenever, I wish to own something and not able to do it either because of budget or it is not that much useful  for me to buy, I would say these words, “ If I had a million dollars, I would have owned even if it is going to be less useful to me”.

Another thing I could buy a big place to store all the things which are useful or not. In this way, I will be an owner of a big house like all other rich people in the world. Then, to visit places I would require a car and so can purchase different varieties of cars and parking it in the parking lot of the big house.  Another interesting thing about car purchase is I have known of a person who would buy new cars in the market after selling the previous car. In this way, you can travel in new cars at equal intervals of time and people will be looking at you like a “GOD”.

But before investing in all these things, I would invest money in equities, mutual funds and good business ventures and plan a good return from these (This is the mentality of a middle class person). This would ensure a good future for me. Then from the returns, I would spend required amount for day to day needs and then save the balance to grow the money. Then, after one year I will buy a car of premium variety. This car can be exchanged for a new car of a different brand the following year using the exchange offer. Regarding house, I will buy after 2 or 3 years  with the money saved after spending on my day to day needs and buying the latest brand of a car.

 In this way, all my dreams will be fulfilled along with the money received untouched. Then after fulfilling the necessary needs, I will start spending the money for new car of the year, daily needs and other charity works. In this way, the one million will be with me and before I die, I will write a will stating that the amount should be given to a person after conducting competition with the same topic “If I had a million dollars…”, In this way, it will be handed to a person who will be in need of money and also who will double the money and keep the one million for the next generation writers or deservers.

Even though, we dream a lot the reality is money matters.  So, when we receive money (even though free of cost) it should be used in a good way and also should be left to make use of by the generation people because I’m not the only lucky person in the world.  My view is to lead a good life along with the required luxury and before leaving it should be ready to transfer to someone who deserves like me to become rich and fulfill his/her dreams and the process continues.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Cabbage rice

Hi friends!!!

                   Today I am going to give a rice recipe using cabbage.  Yesterday, I had 250 gms of

cabbage in my fridge unattended and my hubby told me that no kootu but something novel from it.
So, I did some research in the net and after reading several recipes I came up with this after adding

my own creativities here and there. It came out really well and wanted to post it for you all. Okay no

more talking only working!!!!


  • Cabbage                                                   -    250 gms    (chopped into small pieces)      

  • Onion (small)                                           -  10            (Chopped into small pieces)

  •  Capscium                                                 - few pieces  (You can add different colors if you 
                                                                               have or you can just  use whatever you have) 

  • Salt                                                            - To taste

  • Coriander seeds                                         - a few to decorate  

  • Turmeric Powder                                       - a pinch

  • Cooked rice (either basmati/ordinary rice) - 2 or 3 cups

 For Tempering:
  • Mustard seeds                                              - 1 tsp
  • Green or Red chillies                                   - 2 (Chopped into 2 pieces each)
  • Groundnuts                                                  - 2 tbsps
  • Cashewnuts                                                  - 10
  • Ghee                                                             - 2 tsps
  • Curry Leaves                                                - 2 sprigs
  • Urad dhal                                                      - 1 tsp  

  •    Place a kadai on the stove and switch on the stove.

  •    Pour the ghee in the kadai and add mustard seeds.

  •    When the mustard seeds starts to splutter, add urad dhal, groundnuts and cashew nuts and fry till it turns golden brown.

  •     Then, add the chopped along with capsicum and fry till the onions turn pink.

  •     When the onion turns brown, add curry leaves and fry 2 mins and then add the washed cabbage into the kadai.

  •      After frying for 2 mins, add little water and close the kadai with a lid.

  •      Allow it to cook till cabbage becomes soft.

  •      When it is fully cooked, add salt and turmeric powder to the mixture.
  •      After all the water content is removed from the mixture, add the cooked rice to the mix and stir till the whole mixture is mixed well.

  •      Decorate it with coriander leaves and switch off the stove.

  •      Either serve it hot or after allowing it to cool pack for lunch box along with tomato/onion raitha.        
TIPS!!! TIPS!!!:

               This can be provided to acid reflux patients by removing green chillies/red chillies and by adding 2 tsp paruppu podi or gollu podi. This will give them an option to eat different vegetable rice.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rasam without tamarind juice and less spicy

Hi friends!!!
                   It's long time since I wrote my blog. Today, I am going to give the recipe of a rasam which can be consumed by both acid reflux patients as well as those who doesn't like tamarind juice in their food. This rasam is tamarind free and tastes good.

  • Ingredients:
  • To Grind:     
                            1. Tomato - 1 (if big) or 2 (if small)
                            2. Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
                            3. Pepper seeds - 1/2 tsp
                            4. Coriander seeds - 1 tsp
  • To Add:
                           1. Salt - To taste
                           2. Asafoetida powder - 1 tsp
                           3. Cooked toor dhal   - 1/4 cup
                           4. Coriander leaves   - To garnish
  • To Temper:
                           1. Mustard seeds   - 1/2 tsp
                           2. Oil                     - 1 tsp
                           3. Curry leaves      - little
  • Procedure:
                          1. In a blender or mixer, add all the ingredients under "To Grind" and make it into paste.
                          2. Switch on the stove and place a small utensil and add the grinded mixture along with some water to dilute the mix.
                          3. When it starts boiling add turmeric powder along with asafetida and salt.
                          4. Allow it to boil for some time.
                          5. Next, add the mashed toor dhal and allow it to boil for another 1 minute.
                          6. Then, remove it from heat after garnishing it with coriander leaves.
                          7. Now in a small ladle add oil and add mustard seeds.
                          8. When mustard seeds starts to splutter, add the curry leaves and switch off the stove.
                          9. Pour the tempering ingredients into the rasam mix and close it with a plate.
                        10. Serve it hot with rice and any kootu.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cabbage Buttermilk

       Yesterday, I was busy cooking breakfast in the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard a compere talking about stomach problems. I made my ears to listen to it with my hands cooking. This is the recipe he rcommended for acid reflux/burning sensation etc.

  •    Cabbage       -    1 cup
  •    Buttermilk     -   1 cup
  •    Cumin seeds -   1 or 2 tsp
  •    Salt                -  a pinch
  • Wash the cabbage well.
  • Add it in a mixie jar along with buttermilk and cumin seeds.
  • Switch on the mixie and run it till the mixture becomes watery.
  • If needed add some buttermilk.
  • Then, add a pinch of salt and run the mixie for 3 seconds.
  • Cabbage buttermilk is ready.
Tips!!! Tips!!!:
                        Eat this daily in the morning as the first meal for 48 days for better results.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Green Gram Dhal (split) Accompaniment/Moong Dhal Kootu

Hi Friends!!!

Today also I am going to give a recipe for people suffering from acid reflux problem.
You will get bored by having dry powders daily for lunch and want to have sambhar or rasam. But, they contain tamarind which is a traitor for this problem. So, you can go on with this dish that contains only dal, cumin powder and salt.

Ok let's move on to the recipe....

  • Green Gram Dal (split) -  2  cups
  • Cumin powder -  1 or 2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder -  1 tsp
  • Asafoetida - 1 tsp
  • Salt - To taste
  • Water - As required
  • Coriander Leaves - Few to decorate 
  • Wash the dal and keep it ready for cooking.
  • Place a cooker bottom on the stove.
  • Switch on the stove and then add water.
  • When the water starts boiling slightly, add the washed dal along with turmeric powder and close the cooker with its lid.
  • Then, place the weight and wait for 3 or 4 whistles.
  • Switch off the stove and allow the cooker to cool.
  • Remove the weight and switch on the stove.
  • When the contents starts boiling, add salt and cumin powder.
  • Mix it and allow it to boil for 2 mins.
  • Then, add asafetida and stop the stove.
  • Pour it in a bowl and decorate it with coriander leaves.
Serve it with rice and horsegram powder/gram dal powder.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Split Pigeon peas powder/Tuvar Dal Podi (W/O Red chillies)

Hi friends,

Today I am going to give the recipe for Tuvar dal powder for the people who are suffering from acid reflux.

  • Split Pigeon Peas/Tuvar Dal  - 2 cups
  • Cumin seeds - 50 gms
  • Asafoetida - 8 pieces
  • Curry leaves - 1 cup
  1. Place an empty kadai on the stove.
  2. Switch on the stove.
  3. Add the peas/dal to the kadai and dry fry it till it turns light red.
  4. Remove it from heat and allow it to cool in a plate.
  5. Again, place the kadai on the stove and cumin seeds.
  6. Dry fry it for 2 minutes.
  7. Add it to the dal in the plate.
  8. Next, add the asafoetida pieces and dry fry it till it turns white.
  9. Switch off the stove and add curry leaves to the kadai with asafoetida.
  10. Add all the ingredients to the mixie jar and run it till it becomes a nice powder.
  11. Cool it in a plate and store it in a tight lid jar.
TIPS!!! TIPS!!! TIPS!!!:
  • Mix a spoonful of the powder with hot rice and ghee.
  • While having idlies or dosas, this can be mixed with gingelly oil and taken as a side dish.
  • Since, people with acid reflux cannot eat foods containing tamarind/tomatoes/lime etc, this powder can be a good substitute for using peas/dal.
Ok friends!!! enjoy the delicious powder and don't forget to drop in your feedbacks so that others can also use the above recipe...
             Bye for now!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gollu/Kollu Podi or Horsegram Powder

Hi friends!!!!

Now I am going to write the recipe for kollu podi which can be commonly used by acid reflux patients who can't eat sambhar/rasam/vegetable side dishes. This is would reduce the burning sensation and obese nature of the patients.

Kollu/ Gollu/ Horsegram Powder:
  • Horse gram/Gollu/Kollu        - 250 gm
  • Cumin seeds                           - 50 gm
  • Hing (small cubes)                 - 10 pieces
  • Salt                                         - to taste
  1. Place a heavy kadai on the stove.
  2. Switch on the stove.
  3. Add the horse gram and hing to the kadai and dry fry it horse gram turns little red and hing turns white.
  4. Remove from heat and spread it in a plate to cool.
  5. Next, dry fry the cumin seeds and mix it with the fried horse gram.
  6. After the mixture cools down, add required amount of salt and powder it in a mixie jar.
  7. Pour the powder into a plate and allow it to cool.
  8. Store it in a tight lid bottle.
  • Mix a spoon or two with piping hot rice mixed with ghee and have it.
  • Mix a spoonful in butter milk and drink as a liquid.


Acid Reflux

What is Acid Reflux???

When the acid from the stomach leaks up into the gullet (oesophagus), the condition is known as acid reflux.

Common symptoms may include:
  • Heartburn
  • Pain in the upper abdomen and chest
  • Feeling sick
  • An acid taste in the mouth
  • Bloating
  • Belching
  • Indiges
  • A burning pain when swallowing hot drinks
Uncommon symptoms may include: 
  • Asthma symptoms of cough and wheeze can sometimes be due to the acid reflux.
  • Sore throat, Gum problems, Bad breath, Hoarseness and a feeling of a lump in the throat.
  • Severe chest pains develops in some cases (which can be mistaken to be heart attack).

Whom does it affect??? 
  • It is common for most people to have heartburn after a heavy meal, but, 1 out 3 will have heartburn every few days and 1 out of 10 will have atleast once a day.
  • It is more common among smokers, pregnant ladies, heavy drinkers, obese people and those aged between 35 to 64 years.
What tests to be done???
  • Endoscopy
  • A test to check acidity inside the oesophagus
  • Other tests like heart tracings, chest x-ray etc may be done to rule out if the symptoms are not typical.
What are the treatments for acid reflux???
  • Antacids
  • Acid suppressing medicines
  • Prokinetic medicines
  • Surgery