Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hi guys!!!
                This is an awesome sweet which all of us love when we enter "Sri Krishna Sweets" in Pondy Bazaar. I felt it was the toughest one to make as mysurpa's are tiresome while preparing. When i planned to prepare for last year diwali, i sat in the net and went through many recipes and at last i found a recipe. It was very easy to make and tasty also. I am preparing it with ease for the past two years...... K Guys!!! let's see how it's done....



                  Besan/Kadalai Maavu - 1 cup
                  Sugar                           - 2 and a half cups
                  Ghee                            - 2 and a half cups


                 Step 1:  * Sieve the besan completely.
                              * Heat a tawa and dry roast the besan lightly for 2 or 3 mins.
                              * Keep the besan aside.
                Step 2:  * Melt the ghee taken and keep it ready for usage after the following step.
                Step 3:  * Take a plate and grease it with little ghee.
                             * Keep it aside.
                Step 4:  * Place a thick bottomed utensil on the stove. 
                             * Add sugar and little water.
                             * Keep the stove in simmer position as too much of heat would spoil the dish.
                             * Stir the sugar and water till all the sugar melts into a liquid.
                Step 5:  * After the sugar dissolved completely start adding the besan in small portions.
                             * As soon as you add one portion, stir it in such a way that the sugar and the besan mix well. ( Since we have sieved the besan, it will not form lumps)
                             * After adding the flour completely in small portions, continue stirring till it starts boiling.
                Step 6: * When the mixture starts boiling, start adding melted ghee in small portions.
                            * Each portion of ghee should be added when the mixture becomes slightly difficult to stir.
                            * After adding the last part of the ghee, continue stirring till the whole mixture doesn't stick to the sides of the utensil.
                            * Remove the mixture from the stove.
                 Step 7: * Pour the mixture on the greased plate.
                             * Flatten it with a flat object.
                 Step 8: * When the mixture cools, cut into pieces and serve it.


               If you want you can also place cashewnut above the flattened mixture to get extra effect.
               If you want you can also reduce the amount of ghee and sugar to 2 cups each.