Friday, January 21, 2011

Chakkarai Pongal Using Pressure Cooker

Hello Buddy!!!
             I am beginning this blog with some basic recipes of Tamil Nadu. Each Tamil Nadu menu would consists of :
  • Required amount of rice
  • Sambhar
  • Rasam
  • Curd
  • Kootu
  • Poriyal
  • Urughai/Pickle
  • Sweets etc.....
             Today, I am going to start with a famous Sweet recipe with the name "Chakkarai Pongal". The recipe which i am going to provide is the method we prepare at home and if done properly it would be like Parthasarthy Koil's prasadham.K guys!!! straight to work....

Chakkarai Pongal:

                Ingredients required:

                      1.Raw Rice    - 1 cup (for instance)
                      2.Moong Dhal  - 1/3 cup
                      3.Jaggery     - 2 cups (U can add more if u need more sweet)
                      4.Milk        -500ml
                      5.Cashew Nuts - more than 10
                      6.Dry grapes  - more than 10
                      7.Water       - sufficient to immerse jaggery to convert it to liquid form
                      8.Ghee        - 100 mg    

                      1. Dry roast raw rice and moong dhal in a tawa.
                      2. In the cooker container, put the mixture and add 500 ml of milk(don't add water)

                      3. Close the lid and cook.

                      4. After the rice is done keep it aside.

                      5. Fry the cashews and dry grapes separately in ghee and keep it aside.

                      5. In a heavy bottomed utensil, add the jaggery liquid and place it on the stove.

                      6. Keep stirring it till bubbles appear.

                      7. As soon as bubbles appear, add the cooked rice and moong dhal mixture and stir it for 5 mins.

                      8. When the mixture becomes slightly thick, add melted ghee little by little.

                      9. Then, add fried cashews and dry grapes and switch off the stove.

                      10. Chuda Chuda Nei Manakkum Chakarai Pongal is ready to serve.


             Good Amount of Ghee would enrich the chakarai pongal.

             The semi solid pongal would become thick once cooled. So, don't panic. Jus' switch off and wait for it to thicken.